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Arun Jaitley appeals to make india free from a dynastic democracy

In a blog written on Facebook, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has hit out at the trend of dynastic democracy in India – the tendency of certain parties to follow a single family or leader.

In a blog titled Agenda 2019 – Part – 5 – Prevent India From Becoming a Dynastic Democracy, citing an example of Congress he wrote that : Post-Independence, Congress was a group with galaxy of tall leaders; Yet Pandit Nehru started grooming his daughter as a successor. Generation after generation, its leadership is reserved for a family. Party is now in doldrums, another member has entered scene.

Most parties created post-1991 converted into dynastic parties. They had no organised structures, no parliamentary board. Many of leaders of such parties are highly corrupt

He then said that the citizens got disillusioned with politics due to this inertia. He writes that: While many found system of family owned parties to be convenient, others dissented against and wanted a change
They were looking for men of competence, clarity and those who would make a difference.

Politics, like nature, abhor vacuum acceptance of Shri Narendra Modi at national level was also on account of this popular desire to get rid of dynasties

Writing about PM Narednra Modi, Jaitley writes that results of 2014 general elections were due to many factors

PM Modi grew from an extremely humble background. He had to work and struggle for the positions that he got. He earned them. Most family owned parties lost. This was not because of PM Modi’s popularity alone, it was also because India had changed

An aspirational India realised that it is only men of merit, competence & integrity who can arouse public confidence. I am confident that this trend will continue in 2019 elections, Prime Minister Modi & aspirational India will together demolish concept of families.

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