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about Satya Brahma is the Founder Chairman & Editorial Head of the illustrious Network 7 Media Group having its wide portfolio in mainstram media in the form of current affairs news magazines, specialized & much widely acclaimed global meeting events, healthcare communications & digital media. Under the Banner of Network 7 Media Group, Satya founded Pharmaleaders, Asia’s most analytical healthcare bi-monthly magazine & india’s best known peer reviewed pharmaceutical & biotechnology voice. Satya also gave birth to Indian Affairs, again a biggest media property which aim at bringing qualitative change in society through fair, independent & unbiased current affairs magazine. Satya felt the need of airing the vital & most neglected areas in mainstream news platform & almost singlehandedly conceptualized, innovated & formatted the much awaited annual event for the corporate world – India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards in 2009. Satya is also the founder of prestigious international events such as Jai Mumbai which is conducted in memory of 26 /11 tragedy. Satya also pioneered the neglected healthcare scenario in the country & started a vibrant international platform in the form of a debate in the public & has been widely appreciated by the think-tanks of the society & is the most widely awaited event in healthcare known as Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership awards. Founded in 2005, the annual affair in india is much talked about industry news. Satya is a Management Guru, Author, Firebrand Speaker, Transformational Leader & a much sought after speaker in National & International platforms on wide ranging topics.


Have you realized that today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday? It is your responsibility to change your life for the better..We never perhaps sometimes believed that the days are changing so fast, we are becoming older day by day; often forget that we never missed the bus! But the truth is that we have met with the truth & the harsh realities of Life… that of fighting our own battle against those who often try to suppress our voices, to diminish our inertia for excellence, we have to defeat these forces, the day we feel that we lost the battle is the day our obituary will be written by our self proclaimed pretentious & artificial Leaders. We have to crush them. Defeat them with accomplishments. Silence is sometimes misunderstood; raise the voice with dignity & with respect.






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