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Rahul Gandhi to disband NITI Aayog, to make it simplified with only 100 members

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said he would scrap the NITI Aayog if his party was voted to power in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

“If voted to power, we will scrap the NITI Aayog. It has served no purpose other than making marketing presentations for the PM & fudging data,” Mr. Gandhi tweeted.

“We will replace it with a lean Planning Commission whose members will be renowned economists & experts with less than 100 staff,” he added.

Soon after coming to power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had scrapped the Planning Commission, a legacy of India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, and replaced it with NITI Ayog.

Niti Ayog has also courted controversy over official statistics that presented a different set of data regarding Gross Democratic Product (GDP) growth that favoured the Modi government over draft data prepared by the National Statistic Commission.

Mr. Gandhi’s comments come just days after Aayog Vice- Chairman Rajeev Kumar sparked a row with his criticism of the Congress’ minimum income guarantee or NYAY proposal.

Mr. Kumar had not only questioned the scheme’s feasibility but also the Congress’ record of poverty alleviation. The Congress had countered by terming the panel as Rajneeti Aayog (the Commission for Politics).

The Election Commission has issued a notice to Mr Kumar for violating the model code of conduct and asked him to respond by April 2.

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