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Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards 2019 recognize Industry Leaders, Healthcare Entrepreneurs & Noted Doctors

Dr. Nandkishore Shamrao Laud, Dr. Keiki R. Mehta, Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah ,Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, Abbott India Limited, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals among others honored at the 12th Annual Pharma Leaders Summit & Awards 2019

Global healthcare is at the frontier of change. Health is serious business. Healthcare delayed is healthcare denied, and India needs to ensure affordable and accessible healthcare to all, at all times!. More than saving human lives, humanity needs to be saved in India. If every citizen of the country is considerate of this simple rule, all other perils of the healthcare ecosystem in India shall, slowly but surely, be solved. Pharma Leaders Group headquartered in Mumbai, India organized the iconic & historical its 12th annual edition of Pharma Leaders 12th momentous year where the focus was on patient care & looking beyond the headline. Against the above backgrounder, Pharma Leaders, Nation’s pioneer media in healthcare communications with close to two decades of understanding the healthcare landscape in India hosted the most awaited & iconic 12th Annual Pharma Leaders Summit & Awards 2019 under the theme “Healthcare Innovations – Beyond the Headlines”

Pharma Leaders is an independent media house that voices the opinions of the key stakeholders of the country in an independent & unbiased way. We are unafraid & unmoved when comes to truthful reporting as we feel we have a responsibility to tell the world the story as it is. We are independent. We are bold & restless. We are not e to please or displease the authorities but to present facts based on our strong research & ground reporting said Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharma Leaders Group.

Delivering the Welcome Address, Satya said healthcare in india has been in deep shambles & need deep introspection. Satya says that Healthcare is a fundamental right, but it is not fundamentally right in India. The Supreme Court has held healthcare to be a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution. However, historical public spending of just over a percent of GDP on healthcare has ensured that the country’s healthcare need has remained underserved and left for the private sector to service. The fundamental aspect of healthcare — primary healthcare — is in shambles. There is only one primary healthcare centre (often manned by one doctor) for more than 51,000 people in the country. The World Bank estimates that 90% of all health needs can be met at the primary healthcare level. India has grossly under-invested in the area that should matter the most.
Satya’s perception on healthcare innovations point out the poor state of healthcare conditions in the country. India is at the crossroads with the government rolling out the biggest publicly funded healthcare plan in the world In healthcare but at a time when Universal Health Coverage has become the new buzzword of healthcare in India since Ayushman Bharat, the National Health Profile 2019 throws up sobering figures. Among those who addressed the Summit included some of the biggest names in the healthcare profession.
Opening Address was delivered by Mr. Krishnakumar Subramaniam,Vice President Business Development, India Formulations , Middle East &Africa,Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited. Pharma Leaders Documentary on Why Healthcare in India Needs Big Ticket Reforms was presented. Ms. Satya Vadlamani,CMD, Murli Krishna Pharma Private Ltd presented on Healthcare Innovations in Drug Delivery Systems (DDS). Key Drivers for Future Innovations in India. Mr. Satya Brahma, Editor-In-Chief, Pharma Leaders in interaction with Mr. Mayank Gandhi, Social Activist, Founder Global Parlie discussed Rural Healthcare Transformation.


The highlight of the Summit was the Panel Discussion on Healthcare Innovations -Beyond The Headlines Moderated by Mr. Satya Brahma, Editor-In-Chief, Pharma Leaders Group & the panel speakers included Dr. Mudit Saxena, Managing Director & CEO, Ovum Hospitals,Dr. Pranjal Kodkani, Director & Chief Surgeon, Center for Joint Preservation Surgery – Arthroscopy & Sports Injury,Dr. Pradeep Gadge, Director & Founder, Dr. Gadge’s Diabetes Care & Research Centre,Dr. Amit Thadani,Medical Director & Head of Department, Minimal Access Surgery, Niramaya Hospital,Mr. Sushant Raorane, Co-Founder & Director, Adroit Biomed Ltd,Dr. Manaan Gandhi ,Founder, The Integral Ayurveda

“Healthcare Innovations in Sports Medicine – Strategies to ensure quick and safe return to play after injury in elite athletes.” was presented by Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, Director, Arthroscopy, Sports Orthopaedics & Shoulder Service & Head – Centre for Sports Medicine,Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. Prof. (Dr.) Paresh K. Doshi, Director of Neurosurgery and Functional Neurosurgery , Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Group Advisor, Functional Neurosurgery,Apollo Hospitals gave an excellent talk on Neurosciences-Bringing back the dignity of life. Ethics in Healthcare was debated by Dr. Debraj Shome, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Director, The Esthetic Clinics & Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker, Bariatric & Laparoscopic Surgeon, authors of the best selling book Dear People, with Love and Care, Your Doctors: Heartfelt Stories about Doctor-Patient Relationship.
Finally the much awaited 12th Annual Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Healthcare Leadership Awards 2019 was presented to the shining stars the indian healthcare industry. Mr. Ajit Singh, Chairman, ACG Worldwide & Mr. Satya Brahma presented the awards in the glittering award night.

The List of Awardees
Pharma Leaders Innovative Business Leader of the Year 2019
Mr. Pankaj Singh,Chairman & Managing Director,La Renon Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Pharma Leaders Innovative Healthcare Entrepreneur of the year 2019
Mr. G. Sathya Narayanan,Managing Director,Galderma India Pvt. Ltd.

Pharma Leaders Innovative Woman Leader in Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) 2019
Ms. Satya Vadlamani,Chairperson and Managing Director,Murli Krishna Pharma Private Ltd.

Pharma Leaders Innovative Entrepreneurship in the Ayurveda 2019
Dr. Manaan Gandhi ,Founder, The Integral Ayurveda

Pharma Leaders Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 (Diagnostic & Pathology Services)
Mr. Kirandev Hiremath & Prof. Kshama Hiremath, Directors, Trident Diagnostics & Healthcare Private limited

Pharma Leaders Innovative Power Brand of the Year 2019
Lipaglyn (Zydus Healthcare Limited)

Pharma Leaders Most Promising & Innovative Campaign of the Year 2019
VIVA INDIA (Zydus Healthcare Limited)

Pharma Leaders Healthcare Professional & Innovative CEO of the Year
Dr. Mudit Saxena, Managing Director & CEO, Ovum Hospitals

Pharma Leaders Most Promising Pediatrician of the year 2019
Dr. Adarsh Somashekar, Founder, Neonatal Care & Research Institute, Ovum Hospitals

Pharma Leader Most Admired & Valuable Pharma Company Of The Year 2019
Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Pharma Leaders Most Promising & Innovative Women Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019
Ms. Arushi Jain,Executive Director, Sarvagun Aushdhi Pvt. Ltd

Pharma Leaders Innovative Skincare Enterprise of The Year 2019
Adroit Biomed Limited

Pharma Leaders Healthcare Change-Agent of the Decade in Orthopaedics
Dr. Nandkishore Shamrao Laud

Healthcare Change-Agent of The Year 2019
Dr. Hrushikesh Pai, IVF Pioneer, Medical Director, Bloom IVF India

Pharma Leaders Visionary Healthcare Reformist of the Year 2019
Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah, Founder,CMD, GNRC Hospitals

Pharma Leaders Innovative MNC of the Year 2019
Abbott India Ltd

Pharma Leaders Indian of the Year in Neurosciences 2019
Dr.Paresh K Doshi, Director of Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre.

Pharma Leaders Indian of the Year Cardiology 2019
Dr. Gopichand Mannam, Chief, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Founder, Star Hospitals

Pharma Leaders Indian of the Year Orthopedics 2019
Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, Director – Arthroscopy Service & Head – Centre for Sports Medicine,Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Pharma Leaders Indian of the Year – Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery 2019
Dr. Jaydeep Palep,Director & Head, Department Of Bariatric And Minimal Access Surgery, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Pharma Leaders Indian of the Year Ophthalmology 2019
Dr. Keiki R. Mehta, Founder & Director, Mehta International Eye Institute

Pharma Leaders Indian of the Year Oncology 2019
Dr. Mohana Vamsy,Chief Surgical Oncologist & Founder,Omega Cancer Hospitals

Pharma Leaders Indian of the Year Dentistry 2019
Dr. Raj Krishnan,Founder,Dr. Rajkrishnan’s Dental Clinic

Pharma Leaders Most Promising & Valuable CRO of India 2019
Vedic Lifesciences Private Limited

Pharma Leaders Indian of the Year in Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery 2019
Dr. A. Sivakumar, Sr. Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Desire Aesthetics

Pharma Leaders Most Influential Leader in Healthcare Big Data Analytics 2019
Camomile Healthcare Ventures Private Limited

Pharma Leaders Most Promising & Innovative Leader in Medical Device 2019
Healthium Medtech Pvt. Ltd.

Pharma Leaders Most Promising Woman Clinical Leader 2019
Ms. Uma Janapareddy,Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Achiral Systems Private Limited

Pharma Leaders Innovative Woman Leader in Diet & Nutrition 2019
Ms. Suman Agarwal,Selfcare – Health Design By Suman Agarwal

Pharma Leaders Innovative Leadership in Clinical Research 2019
Mr. Satish Marukurthi,Founder & Ceo,Croissance Clinical Research Private Limited

Pharma Leaders Most Promising Face of Orthopedics 2019
Dr. Pranjal Kodkani, Director & Chief Surgeon, Center for Joint Preservation Surgery – Arthroscopy & Sports Injury

Pharma Leaders Most Promising Leader in Diabetes Care 2019
Dr. Pradeep Gadge,Director & Founder, Dr. Gadge’s Diabetes Care Centre

Pharma Leaders Most Promising & Innovative Company of The Year 2019
Linux Laboratories Private Limited.

Pharma Leaders Most Innovative & Promising Leader in Dialysis Solutions 2019
Apex Kidney Care Pvt. Ltd.

Pharma Leaders Most Promising Hospital in Patient Care 2019
The Zen Multi Speciality Hospital

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