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Farce of Merit : An off-campus LLM student Register number 18181110152 is T J Jose, inspector general of police of Thrissur range of Kerala is shame to Indian police system as Jose caught copying in LLM Exam.

The police force is supposed to be the custodian of law and order but the administration in Kerala was left red-faced on Monday after a top police officer in the state was allegedly caught cheating during a university law examination.Inspector general of police (Thrissur range) TJ Jose had to leave the exam hall 30 minutes before the test ended at St Paul’s College in Kalamasserry, on the outskirts of the port city of Kochi, after invigilators found he was allegedly copying from a textbook.Jose denied the charges and described the incident as a conspiracy to defame him. “Nobody prevented me from leaving the examination hall. And no material was seized from me,” he said.

Farce of Merit :  An off-campus LLM student Register number 18181110152 is T J Jose, inspector general of police of Thrissur range of Kerala is shame to Indian police system as Jose caught copying in LLM Exam.

The invigilators said they weren’t aware of Jose’s designation when they caught him. They said they would ask Mahatma Gandhi University, which is conducting the exam, to take action against him.The embarrassed state government asked additional director general of police Shankar Reddy to probe the incident and submit a report immediately.Confirming the incident, VJ Peter, vice-principal of St Paul’s College, said university authorities would be informed about the matter.As news of the incident spread, student unions jumped on to the bandwagon and sought a high-level inquiry. Attempts were reportedly made to cover up the incident.This isn’t the first time Kerala has seen such a high-profile case of malpractice during an exam.In 2012, Communist Party of India legislator ES Bijimol was caught allegedly copying answers during an LLB examination but was let off for want of evidence. Jose, however, is likely to face debarment by the varsity and be subject to a departmental inquiry.Director general of police KS Balasubramaniam said he would take necessary action once he received the report.The cheating menace hit the headlines earlier this year after hundreds of people in Bihar were caught on camera perched on walls to pass on papers and notes to examinees.

The case Summary

The Inspector General (IG) of Kerala Police, Thrissur range, T J Jose, was allegedly caught red-handed while attempting to copy from a chit that he carried to the exam hall during his Master of Law examination.IG Jose, an off-campus student of law under the accreditation of MG University, was found by the examination invigilator of St. Paul’s college, Kalamassery, trying to copy from a chit that he allegedly hid under his answer sheets.Peter VJ, the vice principal of the college was quoted by the Times of India saying, “The invigilator immediately informed the external examiner and college manager. They questioned him and the IG left the campus and took the chit with him. We have informed MG University and also send them the invigilator’s statement for necessary action.”. However, Jose denied all allegations levelled against him and said, “Nobody has caught me for copying; no papers have been recovered from me. The examination began at 10 am, and I finished writing my paper at about 12 and I came out. Nobody has given me any report of copying.”. Answering one of the questions, he said, “I had appeared for the one of the papers of the LLM examination held on Saturday. I appeared for the examination today also. I will be appearing for the examination to be held on Tuesday also.”. Later during the day a senior colleague sought an explanation from T J Jose to which he answered citing the same details but he was asked to go on compulsory leave starting from tomorrow, till investigation is over.ADGP Sankar Reddy was quoted saying, “Home minister has given the direction for the probe. We only have to see the availability of the college officials involved in the examination duty. The inquiry report will be submitted within the minimum time possible,”. When informed about the inquiry against him, IG Jose said, “It is natural that there would be a probe whenever such a charge is made.”

What Indian Law Says 

Types of Unfair Means Cases
If, during the course of an examination, any candidate is found doing any of the following acts, he/she shall be deemed to have used unfair means at the examination.

  • Having in possession papers, books, notes or any other material or information relevant to the examination in the paper concerned;
  • Giving or receiving assistance of any kind or attempting to do so;
  • Copying/cheating in examinations, assignments and the field work reports/project reports;
  • Writing question(s) and/or answer(s) on any material other than the answer book given by the Hall Supervisor for writing the answers;
  • Tearing off the answer book, supplementary answer books, etc., or a part thereof;
  • Contacting/talking or trying to contact/talk with any other person during the examination time;
  • Using or attempting to use any other undesirable method or means in connection with the examinations, e.g., using abusive language in the answer book, disclosing identity in answer book;
  • Smuggling in/out an answer book/question paper;
  • Impersonation;
  • Running away with the answer book; and
  • Any other act amounting to serious misconduct.


  • If a student is found copying/cheating in an examination, he/she will be deemed to have failed in the course and will be required to appear for supplementary examination.
  • If the same student is found copying/cheating in an examination in any other following semester/s, he/she will be deemed to have withdrawn from the programme.
  • If a student is found copying/cheating in a research project, he/she will be deemed to have failed in the research project and will be required either to do a research in another area with the guidance of the Guide or opt for three additional courses in lieu of research project, in the next academic year, depending upon the class timetables.
  • If a student is found copying/cheating in the assignment having less than 50% weightage, the student will be given supplementary to that portion of the assignment. If the weightage of that part of assignment is 50% or more in which the student is caught copying/cheating, the entire assignment of the course will be cancelled and new assignment will be given as  supplementary.
  • If a student is found reporting falsely in the field work/internship recordings, he/she will be deemed to have failed in the field work/internship and will be required to repeat the field work/internship in another field work/internship agency in the next academic year in consultation with the Head of the Department and the field work/internship supervisor.

Jose told a private television channel the accusations were a conspiracy against him. He said he had finished the paper early and left the exam hall. Jose’s fourth paper is scheduled tomorrow but reports said the university had decided not to allow him to take the exam.


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