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Despite Differences, Delhi CM Kejriwal & Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Leadership are similar & authoritarian in nature

Despite Differences, Delhi CM Kejriwal & Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Leadership are similar & authoritarian in nature

10 Top characteristics  of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi & Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Leadership Styles.

Indian Affairs, a division of Network 7 Media Group, did a dispassionate & a detailed study to find out nation’s top two personalities whose meteoric rise to prominence & corridors of power have many leadership characteristics that are common & similar despite the political & ideological differences. The rise & rise of both Modi & Kejriwal has been marked with many controversial flashpoints & also with first of its kind despite the opposition & attempt to silence the voices.


  1. Both Arvind Kejriwal & Narendra Modi are grass root mass leader & know the pulse of the people.
  2. Both are known to take risks & surprise people on the big announcements.
  3. Both the leaders enjoy popular mandate on account of their abilities to stay in news!
  4. While Kejriwal phenomena was born out of a mass india movement on the eve of India against corruption, Modi’s rise was from Jan Sangh days & as a RSS pracharak.
  5. Leadership styles of Arvind Kejriwal & Narendra Modi are almost similar that of dictatorial & authoritarian, anyone opposing the leader are given an exit door irrespective of any consequences. Both believe in single voice monopoly
  6. Both are ambitious & visionary!
  7. Modi & Kejriwal are often in news for wrong reasons & hit headlines, have strong social presence. While Arvind Kejriwal has 5.7 M followers, Narendra Modi has 15.6 M followers.
  8. Both Modi & Kejriwal are often influenced by a select group of coteries, though Modi is known to dominate as a one man show
  9. Both the Leaders are big time crowd-pullers.
  10. Both Leaders are so far immune from the tag of corruption & are known to have clean image in public




  1. While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s root come from a strong RSS ideologies as a Hindu Nationalist, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is said to have a secular image
  2. While Arvind Kejriwal rose to fame & catapulted into national stage on a short span of time, Modi’s journey into the success ladder date back to Jan Sangh days
  3. Narendra Modi is often seen to be consulting with core groups, Arvind Kejriwal dictate his leadership actions to party to follow.
  4. Both are from different political parties & are different in their approach
  5. While Narendra Modi always believe in standard protocols, Kejriwal is the opposite, believes in own rules & not the rules laid down by the authorities.
  6. Kejriwal dresses up like an ordinary indian & can adjust in any situations, Modi goes by india’s age long tradition.
  7. Prime Minister Modi believes in the  creation of   a Hindu Rashtra & Ram Temple, Kejriwal is secular in approach
  8. Narendra Modi is stylish, Kejriwal can wear anything.
  9. Modi is known to believe in long-term goals while Kejriwal employ populist schemes.
  10. Both Modi & Kejriwal are often loved & criticized by the media.

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