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Home Minister Amit Shah replies to charged opposition says those who have dare to do riots in Delhi will not be able to escape

I want to say to those who raise questions on Delhi police, we should also understand the police battling in the field at the time of riots. With the stop of riots, do not spread riots in Delhi, its responsibility was also on the police which they played well. For this i admire delhi police.More than 1100 people have been identified yet. In This, more than 300 people came to make a riot in Delhi from Uttar Pradesh, which has been confirmed from the data received from Uttar Pradesh which tells that it was a very deep conspiracy.2 teams of sit made, recorded 49 cases in the armour act and have recovered 152 arms.The meeting of peace committee started from 25th February 4 PM and so far, more than 650 meetings have been done.We have registered a case of conspiracy as so quickly riots seems to be planned.We checked the hawala amount in Delhi after January, which has arrested 3 people who finance the delhi riots.2 people associated with ISIS have also been arrested.I assure the public that those who have dare to do riots in Delhi will not be able to escape.In the investigation of the riots in Delhi, the social media has received 60 accounts that started on February 22 and closed on February 26 If these people think that they will be saved by closing the account, then I will tell that the police will find them wherever they are.Those who are asking for fans on the basis of religion, I want to tell them that 52 Indians have been killed, 526 Indians were injured, 371 Indians shops burnt and the houses of 142 Indians are burnt.

Home Minister Amit Shah today assured the Lok Sabha that all perpetrators of the Delhi Violence will be brought to book and no one will be spared. Replying to a debate on the recent Law and Order situation in some parts of Delhi, Mr Shah said that Government has written to the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court and a High Court Judge will look into the claims.

The Home Minister also said that he felt pained as 52 Indians have been killed in the violence and 526 Indians have been injured, and the probe is taking place in a scientific manner. He also said that only those with strong evidence will be arrested, and no innocent will be harmed.

The Home Minister also said CCTV footages and thousands of videos sent by the common public are being analysed with the help of face identifying software.

He also said, Social Media was used to incite hate and 60 Accounts were created on the 22nd of February to instigate the violence and it went silent after 26th of February. He also said Police are probing the conspiracy angle of the violence and they have found some lead. 49 serious cases of crime are being investigated by the Delhi Police Special Investigation Team. He said, 152 weapons were seized and 49 cases were lodged under the arms act.

He also said, the killers of the IB officer Ankit Sharma will be arrested and brought to justice. Mr Shah said, prima facie the Delhi riots were pre-planned conspiracy and the police have arrested 2 persons and detained one person who have funded the violence. He said 2467 people have been detained or arrested for violence in Delhi.

Meanwhile, Congress members staged a walked out expressing dissatisfaction on the reply by the Home Minister. Parliamentary Affairs minister Pralhad Joshi criticized the congress members and said that they did not allow the parliament for this discussion and were not prepared to listen to the reply of the Home Minister. He alleged that it shows their hypocrisy.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said the Congress members spoke whatever they wanted and when the Home Minister was replying they disrupted and staged a walkout. He said, it shows that they are demeaning the democratic spirit.

At such a time, it is very sad to do such politics in the house.There is a lot of damage to the public in the riots, the property is devastated.We have written a letter to delhi high court for formation of claim commission. The people who destroyed public property, burnt cars and shops, will be seized by catching them on the basis of videography and seized their property.


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